Battle Royale by Koushun Takami (Literantado’s Book Review)





Book Title: Battle Royale
Author: Koushun Takami
Language written in: Japanese (Originally)
Translated by: Yuji Oniki
Genre: Dystopia
Publisher: Ohta Publishing
Publication Date: April 1999
Published in English: February 2003
Media Type: Paperback only
Pages: 616
ISBN: 4872334523

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What Is Battle Royale?

Set in Republic of Great East Asia or fictional Japan under strict military providence, Battle Royale is a program exercise every year to some sort of discipline for student. It is a program, a game, a game crazy as hell.


The Battle Royale Rules:

  • The program will choose a school randomly.
  • Number of participating (force participation) students are 42
    • Consist of 21 boys and 21 girls to total.
  • The Program will be set on an isolated island not known by participants.
  • On the island, in every couple of hours, there will be an announcement of danger zones on the map.
    • If they happen that they are on the danger zone, the collar on their neck will explode.
  • battle-royale-map

  • Each participant will have a collar on their neck. It is an exploding collar called Guadalcanal (so that in times of cheating, it’ll explode).
  • If in 24 hours of no killings, all collars will explode, so every student of the game must kill each one of them until only 1 will survive.


The Outline, Guess Who Will Win (Plot)

The Third Year Class B, Shiroiwa Junior High School will be having a school trip. While on the ride way to their destination, they were asleep cause by a sleeping gas. Clueless and innocent, they were entered forcibly to the program. In the time they have awakened, they were led by the instructor named Kinpatsu Sakamochi with a satanic grin, telling them about the program of their own Government.

Shuya Nanahara seeks to avenge his best friend (his best friend protested for them on why they are force to enter the program and shot killed). Shuya tandem with Noriko Nakagawa and later they were accompanied by Shogo Kawada which has a mysterious personality to trust.

Prime villains were Mitsuko Souma and Kazuo Kiriyama and some other hostile student not to mention their name.

On the other side, good side of the team – Shinji Mimura, assisted by his best friend Yutaka Seto plans an escape.

What would be the end of this? Who will won this hellish game?

Read it before you watch the controversial film. Originally, the book was controversial in the first place.



The novel Battle Royale was completed after Takami left the news company. It was rejected in the final round of the literary competition for which it was intended, owing to its controversial content. It went on to become a bestseller when finally released in 1999, and a year later, was made into a manga and a feature film.


What Can I Say?

I first heard Battle Royale by my friends. They’re discussing about the story base on the film. I perceive it cruel and a violent film while hearing their discussions. “OA sila mag-kuwento”. I research about Battle Royale and found out that it was base on a Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami, good thing, it got an English translation of the book translated by Yuji Oniki ^_^.

The story of Battle Royale (Novel) is great, more unique than other violent thrilling genres. Every student killed in the Novel makes you not wait for another chapter of killings of “who’s next”.

After reading the book, the devil inside me want the Battle Royale game for REAL.

Har-har-har (laugh of a devil).

I prefer to read the book first before I watch the film version because I might not appreciate the film without knowing the original story. As might of you know, many of the film adaptation which is base from the book don’t follow the real storyline instead of it or sometimes excluding the part of the original story or worst they’re changing the angle to shorten the time of production.

So, there is reason for you to read the book first.

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