Breaking News: Dan Brown’s New Novel and Its Released Date

I received an auto-mailer from Barnes&Noble earlier this afternoon. An e-mail alert about Dan Brown’s new novel! OMG! Yes! It is true! Dan Brown has finished his new book, “The Lost Symbol”.

The Lost Symbol is a follow-up to Dan Brown’s Best-selling novel – The Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Code is a controversial book that tackles some of Christ’s anomalistic history, but all are fiction of course. It is that the resources mixed from the book Da Vinci Code which made it controversial. All resources told in the story does exist like the Da Vinci artwork Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper. The portrayal of the character and its action in the story is hypothetical and all are made fiction.

Now, for 6 long years, after The Da Vinci Code, what controversial content the new Lost Symbol could bring?


Released Date: September 15, 2009 on U.K.

For more info, visit the following URL (original source):

@ Dan Brown’s Official Site

@ DoubleDay Publishing