Literantado Author Goes Techie. The Birth of Otatechnorado

Hello to all fellow bloggers and to all of my fans (fans raw? Ambisyoso.).

I am introducing to you my newest blog, the Otatechnorado.

“Ota-tek-sho-cho-rara-do . . . ha? ano-ANO?!”

Yes! It’s O-Ta-Tek-No-Ra-Do. And it is my techie blog. It doesn’t mean that I am closing this blog. It is just another blog that I’ve created with another category to anticipate. Categorize to Technology.

Here’s a screenshot:


Puntahan sa Pooksasapot na ito :

It is also a WordPress blog, but it is hosted by another host, meaning, it is completely modifiable and I can do a change to it without strict modification. I can embed Flash contents, do my own layouts, choose applications developed by WordPress developers around the world, etc (at It is run by a WordPress engine (their PHP codes are downloadable) and can acknowledge it by copying your WordPress Account API (of your WordPress account if had) to your newly owned personalized WordPress.

I’m still planning to either post Tagalog or in English on my new blog, and explain why it is called Otatechnorado.

I hope you’ll also support my new blog like supporting Literantado blog.

Maghihintay ako ng mga kumento ninyo sa Otatechnorado, kung ano masasabi ninyo sa bago kong blog, ang mga unang mag-kukumento, ilalagay ko sa Blogroll ng Otatechnorado.

Salamat sa pag-tangkilik. ^_^